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Husband, Father, Pastor, Speaker, Author of @ChurchDiversity, Leader of @_NxtLevel. Al Gore invented the internet & I invented the #FistBump on Twitter! || #OKC

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The one necessity I was hoping they had for me in the dorms was this. It's really under-rated

Great night I absolute love what has going on, amazing & fired-up leaders. Abt 2 eat at this place

For some reason this plane I'm getting ready to board looks different than the normal one's. Maybe it's the propellers

do you do everyone like that allx

Gonna read this book on my flight... Well not all of it, but definitely some of it.

This is one of the best drinks

I'm terminal in Dallas getting ready to head home. Listening to this guy in the meanwhile:

This is something for you to think about today...

Something is wrong with this picture...

I am here:

After having a rough time w/ airline/airport stuff, maybe this will make me feel better

This is what my computer screen looks like... #Ortiz #mayweather

Luggage did not make it on the carousel. Panic, but they found it. This is what I'm passing now, can u guess what it is

The question of the night is: "Which One Of These?"

Tiny Plane, 1 seat rows & overhead bins only on 1 side. Think I'm gonna sleep, need to do some work. #NoBrainPower

I received one of these in my gift basket from My oldest son likes them, let mr see what the hype is about

Look what Jayden hooked me up w/ at "Donuts W/ Dads"

I'm at a board meeting and here is the agenda... We are on item d.

This is the temp in my hood... After 50 days of 100+ temps. (If u dont like weather in #Okc wait):

It's been like 50+ days that we have had temps like this in #OKC