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Former Pro Wrestler turned comic artist. Also, I specialize in Awesome.

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Lost Will & Testament: Bat-Stomps! This one has been tough. Stay tuned around noon. Same bat-time, same bat-channel

found this at the comic con for u. Forgot to send it ur way:

#SketchySunday StreetFighter's Ryu:

#SketchySunday drawing at Starbucks w/ . Didn't know what to draw, so I drew Joe:

me & quel were trying on prom suits & dresses. I got none of her, but here's one I tried on. Not this shirt

I just ate Chicken VaJitas. Mmmm Chicken VaJitas were in my mouth. Look at the inside:

Lost Will & Testament: The kamikaze Suplex. Find out who's getting it at 5:45pm. Here's an awesome pic:

#FingerPaintingFriday If u have me on facebook, u already saw this, Mikey scouting the city:

See pic. Thats waltons banner at staples RT if Walton does retire. That'd free up alot of money!!!!

Article on me in a local SD paper, The Star News. Pretty cool! I'll scan & post this up on facebook tomorrow:

This is a shirt w/ art from my fav artist. A fan gave this to me because of #SketchySunday! 's Batman

#SketchySunday a drawing of me done by a fan. Always cool to get stuff like this:

#golftherapy this was 1 of my fav moments as a Lakers fan after Suns lost in playoffs. Steve Nash

After u said Anita wouldnt let u take a pic, I tried to sneak one. Why she won't let u: The Ring Face!

I was at the art store & saw the paper. I was like, "gotta get pics." here's the details of the paper:

get it done, bro! Glad you're feeling it too. This is what u need for ur nephew:

#SketchySunday here's more on that last one. It's funny:

#SketchySunday random girl out of my head. She has a heart on her tray:

#SketchySunday I finished this: