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I've been doing well on Twitter and TwitPic because they're the easy sites to join 'em.

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Twitter Fans, may the force be with you.

Greetings, one and all!

My Granny Sarah F. LaVie.

My Grandpa Francis J. LaVie.

Greetings! I felt better today. That's a good thing for me.

These are all the PC parts, that had already stored on the monitor shelf.

These are all of the LCD flat monitors, that had already tested.

These are the monitors, that I'd already taken the second shot.

These are the monitors, that I'd already taken the first shot.

These are all the monitors, that I'd cleared out already.

Today, I'd tested the monitors, if that looks good or bad.

I'm drinking the Diet Barq's Root Beer. It's good stuff to drink.

I'm having a good saltine crackers for my lunch and a cool margarita juice for my drink.

My right thumb's up!

I always kept the fan going, when it gets cooler, by tonight, in every summer nights.

That's my right foot!

That's my right hand!

My Code Number

My hair is so nicely done. I looked very great today because that's my lucky day.

I looked very good today.

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