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Back. Producing stuff. Living in NY. Keeping it cleaner than PG-13.

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Donate to my mustache. No shave November. #nosebeard


In NY. For good.

True indeed.

In NY. Need opinions. Found an affordable three bedroom. Thoughts?

Watch it.

Shlomo The Rabbi. A comic strip that neverrrrrr quite got off the ground. Circa 2003.

In college I built a beer pong table that was a replica of the Boston Garden floor. You can kind of see it here.

College men, beware: If you don't pay a hookup the proper respect, she may plaster these all over your 2k person dorm.

Photo of the winner of the Crips National Spelling Bee

I told you guys that Hollywood and the eyebrow maintenance industry are run by THE JEWS!!!


Just happened past this in Solvang today.

It's true, but it's mean to write it on the roof of a golf cart. #rockystanley

Alexandra and I are having a happy hour drink and a Wilfred filming broke out. Not kidding.

Don't eff with The Dowager Countess.

This is how often I have the goods.

#16 Angeles National

This is the guy I get all my NFL picks from.

Bob's eye view of Lob City

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