I'm a little girl bunny who is 2, i live with my older bunny friend Eighty-Ball...I love PetSave!

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today's tweat was bwananwa!

Goodnight Everybunny

Hoppy #treattuesday!!!

Nite Aunties!

Can't wait to wake up on #treattuesday!!!

ooohh just thought of this......... #bunpicsmonday is

hope we get a pic fwom !

Goodnight Everybunny....
hoppy #bunpicsmonday

caught in my cottage!

staff does the work for them to get me cookie money!


Timothy hay pellets ok for adult bunnies

adult bunnies NEVER have lettuce xcept romaine

Hi Aunties! hoppy #flopfriday

Parsley & Cilantro snack after my 5 naps today!

Sweep now..

did u know he has a blog too!

another pic incase u couldn't see it..

He's a hero to us all !!!

Yay Jenson!

here's the picture for you of him sweepin !

He's a hero to us all !!!

Yay Jenson!

here's the picture for you!

My big-rabbit/hooman doesn't want to play tonite
Said my older bunny pal Gizmo had to go to sleep today & go to heaven.

thwank u!

Hoppy Monday two u from my cwomand center !!!

Up from nwap #3

little Cilantro snack
then nwap #4 !!!

taken two naps today- time for number three!

I will ponder your question from atop my HQ...

Paw Waves & Bonks from my Headquarters...


I'm camera shwy-
and human says that I'm a twombwoy girl bwunny,
whatever that is

but here's 1

getting ready for nap #3 in my cotton tail cottage out of my 5 naps today-
a little carrot first...
and a quick hop around

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