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Just your true to the core Cleveland fan (still trying to figure out why or what I did to be one) Live with my Browns Cavs and Indians.

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RT <-- didn't vote for LeBron for MVP either

These are the seats I got for 19.00 per today Not a high horse. Its the truth

RT Yes. Weeden has been worse than Tebow.

As I was going thru my phone. I found this. #NeverForget one of the all time #StruggleFaces ()

Hmmmmmm I would be okay with this lol... (played 3x got 1st pixk 2/3)

RT ..who looks more stoned? ..Irving or.. Price

"RT ... RT : Amazing #Jets are trading the best player in franchise history."

"RT BSO: Brandon Jennings Predicts the Bucks Will Beat The Heat in 6"

RT Watching Top Gun for the first time ever. Yes, send your "I can't believe it" tweets.

RT Indians need to get consistency from Ubaldo and Myers. I still think they will do it.

"RT RT : Hawks getting cp3 and Dwight" ...

With a mug like this!!" #Commando "RT Ladies follow my guy he loves to go commando"

RT BSO: 4 of 8 McDonald’s All-Americans Said They’d Beat Jordan In His Prime..

Bourne is REALLY happy he caught that pop up lol

This is an actual ESPNU slogan? *Canbreath*

"RT Byron: Great start, great effort, got stagnant. Didn't want to burn timeouts in third quarter"

RT Lol wut? RT : If Cribbs really failed his physical, maybe he still comes back..

Just for

Does having bowled a 300 game count for being a #Mamba ?.. #MambaOnTheLanes