⚓ i refuse to sink ⚓


anything that risks danger i'll do it. names Cheyenne. soccer&cheerleading. 5'1. ♂ + ♂ / ♀ +♀ / ♀ + ♂. The Spill Canvas. #TeamSingle. Roll Tide.

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Ohhhp c:

Oh hey leaves :) just swinging. #fall

Omg. Yes. :)

My cats looking at the cat outside.. #wtf

#homecoming c:


Get it Fede.

Damn Fede look at your cottage cheese

Bathroom pictures are cool okay. #not

Gymnastics is fun guys I swear. #not gotta get ready for competitive tho -__-

This is how I feel about today.. #fuckit:-)

My baby Pikachu <3 can't wait to bring him inside

I love you buddy :(

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide. #raisesuicideawareness

I'm too sexual for life 69 %

My i.d Um ewwww


Otsego Vs. Plainwell #rivals

Yup I'm that short.. #purplegame

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