Jen Timms


Video game producer at @UnitedFrontGame[s], aka the girl who used to have red hair. Often finds maple syrup in said hair. CATS! (views/opinions my own).

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Kitten snugs!

Meet the newest addition to our little family - Atlas!

Wrote this for myself last night, just in case I forgot today.

Pfft, like I'd forget.

I may no longer be Scarlett, but I'm definitely the real Jen.


Also baby Canadian Geese!

I'm wearing my most colourful summer-y outfit today, getting smiles from people still wearing coats.

Go Whitecaps! #RaincityBrigade

Shep and Femshep, on stage together, here at the .

The SnotSucker! Yay for having babies! O_O

"YES I would LOVE some choc- Oh. It was for you."

Easy decision.


. found out I'd never had yoghurt pretzels before, and so these arrived in the mail today. <3!

Night blossoms.

Helo loves his organic lettuce box bed <3

Helo just stepped down from the piano creating a beautifully haunting Fm7 to A minor. Musi-cat?

There an on mah teevees!

Pit stop at Granville Island for an organic raspberry mocha!

Don't leave us alone at the table or we'll make a shot out of mints, jam, Guinness, sugar, peanut butter & pepper.