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Where am I?

Time for somebody to embrace #Recycling!!

Your boys our up a pretty good fight against ou in Morgantown, last night. I hate to say it, but they are damn good. #BIGXII

Stopped at McDonalds for a quick pit stop & was amazed to hear these "ladies" speaking like sailors! #MakingTheirMomsProud


This jerk tossed his cigarette.

This is going on. #Pelotonia2014

I didn't know that Nebraska has hipsters.

Step into a Slim Jim! #DutchHulk-a-mania!

I'll take the lot.

I was in Baltimore yesterday.

I like the idea of self serve beer, but I'll pass on the Bud Light AKA Yellow Water.

Yard work.

This isn't funny. #Inappropriate

You can for at least 3 adults in this trunk. #MafiaTalk

I think this guy borrowed his son's bike to go to the store.

Would you trust your bike with this?

This jerk tossed out a cigarette.

Agreed! Bird & I have adopted 2 of our 3 pups. #GoldenTicket