Goolam M Hassen


A muslim student stand-up comedian who wants to be a journalist (maybe even photographer and filmaker-but that could just be the ADHD talking)

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I paradoxically visited a dietitian to sort out a healthy eating plan,then drove directly straight to McDonalds

Just to put you in perspective. All Arsenal have done thus far is cock block Bradford City.

Help! I need to build a 9 meter wall! Is 9tons of sand enough?

Due to bad weather,tv is frozen on this frame.All I have is commentary,and twitter.So in essence a double commentary

If my mother had twitter,she'd tweet about how nice her foodina (mint) is growing.

yip! HOWEVER,check how these BBC bastards are framing it...

Hey look who it is! 18 year old as a blocksman!

This is a flat spare tyre. My name is Goolam. And I am lazy.