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Executive Tour Director of the World Poker Tour, Founder of the TDA, Tournament Director at Commerce, Bay 101, and many other worldwide venues.

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Day 1A CL at dinner break $1,000,000 Guarantee. Avg is 37k, he has 170K.

RT Not 1st time I've had to tweet this: can some1 confirm is alive?<~Alive & well

watching football with ALL the girls!

Full house 68 tables + 300+ alternates! Registration for $340-$1,000,000 open 24/7 at casino services.

Congratulations on your huge win!!! (Photo credit: )

Lots of natural wildlife here in Downey CA, and I just saw a hawk take down mud hen.

Event #1 is underway $65 and a $100,000 guarantee! 400 players and 100 in line for 1A.

RT : What day will you be wearing your plum colored suit.<~For the last time... It's CRANBERRY!

Back for the and there are bunches of bananas here one again!

Fact: More cash games under one roof than anywhere at any time during ! Check out new cash private rooms

Oh NO it's

Happy New Year from the strange time zone of Utah? Here w/ my one and only wife and the kids!

RT : You need a prop bet for motivation!!<~No doubt!! #DrawingSlim

RT : Report says would take 800 marijuana joints to kill a person.<~Use also results in strange head growth.

My starting prediction of slightly under 3am came in, congratulations to on the win!

Final 8 guaranteed 89K. The new feature table has all four chip leaders, see who in picture.

Ran in place for 10 minutes, 50 sit ups, and then spotted 's pop-tarts. #DrawingSlim

Found someone that runs better than , doubles up JJ's vs. KK's on 8-9-10 flop .

2K Turbo is heads up between and .

RT : Jonathan Little and Binger<~It was and Dan Martin AKA with