Matt Savage


Executive Tour Director of the World Poker Tour, Founder of the TDA, Tournament Director at Commerce, Bay 101, and many other worldwide venues.

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have you ever opened for New Order like will do in Vienna? #SeemsRiddiculous

Hey are you really opening up for New Order here in Vienna?

Feel better as and have finally arrived at the Scotch Club! #WPTVienna

At Scotch Club #1 on right () and #2 on Left () #AustrianBeauties #WPTVienna

RT : Where can we c updates 4 the High Roller? How many entrants?<~Text this guy for answers!

Great start to the series! 1-0 watching in Vienna on Slingbox. #LetsGoSharks #BeatTheBlues

Many of you know me too well. 50K chips for 30€ buy-in??? I was wondering why some complained about "ONLY" 10K for 300€

While standing at the urinal I got sick when reading this ad, can you guess why?

Just gave this guy a 1 hand penalty for doing a Tarzan call quite loudly during Vienna.

RT I call it how it is! Kings way better last nite!<~That's what I love about you, that and your amazing hair!

2013 version of "The Nits Tour" to include , , and .

RT Nits Tour! <~Damn you stole my tweet, tried to get taxi to stop this morning for pic.

Not going out again in Vienna unless w/ or or some combination of 2.

. wins Premier League V beating heads up.

During break got a paper cut and 8 screaming women rushed to his aid? HesOkNow

RT : Video evidence or it didn't happen?<~This will have to do w/

Think is a little jet lagged on his 1st day in Vienna. Making Masters bets w/ a guy that's passed out!

RT : A Shark always swallows a King! #BeatLA #JumboJoe4TheKO

Down to 3 in #PPPLPV is Chip Leader and in his familiar pose vs. & .

Down to 5 in this #PPPLPV Heat. and .