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Had a great few days with one of my besties- but it went way too fast. Just dropped her off and I miss her already! <3

Me & my friend, Caitlin- the most fabulous Thanksgiving hostess I know! And yes, she is crouching down to my height.

What a fabulous Thanksgiving welcome!

I miss you already.

Hello, lover.

Camping out w/ script & lunch while my mech pimps my ride. And by that I mean, a lft headlight, rt mirror & oil change.

Could Mugsy be any happier, cuter, or more of a love? #theanswerisno

Halloween early? Nope. Just another day at the office. (I'll give you three guesses who I was reading to play.)

Oh, October, you and your mixed signals... hot, cold, hot, cold. What you want from me? #handonforehead #dramaticsigh

Perpendicular to the curb? Yes. So others can fit? Sure. If you're driving a trike. #fakethoughtfulparking #dontbother

It's pretty out there.

You're welcome.

I think Carlos Bernard was there that year too. Glad to be in touch and congrats on Bag of Bones! Xo

I think Carlos Bernard was there that year too. Glad to be in touch! And congrats on Bag of Bones! Xo

Silliness before going out. Happy Saturday!

On my way out saw this crawling up the steps... Umm... #notgoingbackhometonight

Saw this crawling up my apt steps. Ummm... #imgoinghometonight

Here's a shot of me in tonight's episode of "In Plain Sight." USA, 10/9 c. Set your dvr's or better yet watch live! xo

Caprese salad, grilled prosciutto wrapped peaches, cheese with artichoke tapenade, grilled asparagus with parm & almonds