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Horror/Thriller Novelist and Screenwriter. Also write YA under the name Sarah Silverwood.

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My boys! The question is, is Mark's head really huge or is Rio's really tiny??

Oh yes....

Me and rocking the wine...

And they pout!!!!

"you should read this and not just because it's about a hooker"

And it took me two weeks before I realised that was "Exclusive's".

More spelling genius from the Ghetto...

I did tell them they were REALLY wasting their time with me before they thrust the booklet in my hand...

Yeah, good luck holding a screaming, bleeding child still enough to shove it back in. Nice thought though.

And there was this at the end of my road.. Only will know what's clearly happening soon in the Ghetto..

This is the ghetto. If I go in and point out their your/you're fail, they'll stab me. But oh god, I'm tempted...

(taking a) shit art?

I am really not happy about him...

Home to find this on the mat.. Wignall's a YA author. We should tour together..just imagine..-:)

Hmm. I have a condiment to food ratio issue in my fridge...

Panic much? Me? How the he'll an I supposed to hold a wine and fag AND this??

There's more than one, surely?

He done it.. No she did..#Harrogate

The true face of women's magazines..'No joke, you need it so badly you'd blow a baboon..'

I love the 'Jesus, you sound just like your mother' & 'You need it so badly you'd blow a balloon'. Women's mags...

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