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Does Magnum's mustache smell like pussy or does pussy smell like Magnum's moustache?

This guy "cracks" me up ha ha hee hoo ha hee ho hoo

Not to harp on this but seriously: Kid on back of golden grahams box/ Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket:

The kid on the back of the Golden Grahams box looks just like Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket.

The first thing you see upon entering the whitest cafe on the upper west side. Not awkward AT ALL.

Oh my gosh this commercial isn't for a dentist, it's for Cerritos Auto Square

It's funny 'cause it's true.

You are not going to fucking BELIEVE who is motherFUCKING flying on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

fantastic mr fox was pure Joy. Here is fantastic mr. . Also was there- I snuck him in my purse

The amazing --I'm in awe. Don't hold any association with me against him, he's GREAT.

YoGabbaGabba thanks for the fun dancey dance time!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BabyMan Sr., ! You are an idiot!

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I just met Bridgette -- the sweetest dog w the toothiest grin

This is the naked guy from Observe&Report, Randy Gambill. (on the right. Guy on the left is me)

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My flight is delayed and I think it's because of those damn Cum brothers

Tall Jon getting his picture taken in the middle of a normal-sized-person conversation with

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loves oxygen!!!

Big sis, Rabbi Susie, calls me on Yom Kippur & says all sweet & earnest "I'm sorry if I was cunty this year!"

Oh, show business, thank you so much for letting me be in you

This is a game I like to call Find The Jew

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