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I'm a writer of books for teens with a political columnist alter ego (@realsaramerica). Loves kids, dogs, dark chocolate, quirky humor & caffeinated beverages.

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Yep. Didn't hear a thing. And trampoline + section of my fence both TOAST. #sandy

Can give you definitive answer to the question "If a tree falls and nobody hears..." bitch still does $$$ damage, folk

Bad news: 1st damage to property b4 worst of storm hits. Good news: No worries abt trampoline blowing into house #sandy

#frankenstorm essentials #fb

It's over. My tweets abt it . Son said he felt like a fanboy.

No Frankenstormpocalypse can put a damper on THIS! : )

So this morning, I met Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, to talk abt http//

So excited! Up next after The Diviners. (Which is the bees knees)

Boyfriend's dad is honored as Legend of Maccabiah for fencing. So proud! #fb

Town hall Philadelphia

This is from last year- YODOG is not amused....

Pumpkin is getting rambunctious defending his turf! #fb

We've got a very autumnal theme going around here today#fb

In case you were wondering, these are very nommy. Also, they are kosher dairy for my Hebes.

I made some new friends at the movie theater! #celebrationday #fb

This reminds me of Monty Python's Flying Circus #fb

Wondering if Benny will do this if I give him enough Beggin' Strips?

Benny looks like he's been hitting the medicinal vodka... #fb

Okay here goes project Cure Sore Throat with folk cure: (kosher, and been in house for like a decade) #fb

Zomg, biggest frames EVAR?! #fb