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I'm a writer of books for teens with a political columnist alter ego (@realsaramerica). Loves kids, dogs, dark chocolate, quirky humor & caffeinated beverages.

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Yes, thank heavens. I had some property damage but not as bad as my poor neighbor

Exactly. And he says that Obama giving disaster relief aid is "buying the election." Only in TrumpWorld.

Yep. Didn't hear a thing. And trampoline + section of my fence both TOAST. #sandy

Can give you definitive answer to the question "If a tree falls and nobody hears..." bitch still does $$$ damage, folk

Bad news: 1st damage to property b4 worst of storm hits. Good news: No worries abt trampoline blowing into house #sandy

#frankenstorm essentials #fb

It's over. My tweets abt it . Son said he felt like a fanboy.

No Frankenstormpocalypse can put a damper on THIS! : )

So this morning, I met Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, to talk abt http//

So excited! Up next after The Diviners. (Which is the bees knees)

Boyfriend's dad is honored as Legend of Maccabiah for fencing. So proud! #fb

Town hall Philadelphia

This is from last year- YODOG is not amused....

Pumpkin is getting rambunctious defending his turf! #fb

We've got a very autumnal theme going around here today#fb

In case you were wondering, these are very nommy. Also, they are kosher dairy for my Hebes.

I made some new friends at the movie theater! #celebrationday #fb

This reminds me of Monty Python's Flying Circus #fb

Wondering if Benny will do this if I give him enough Beggin' Strips?

Benny looks like he's been hitting the medicinal vodka... #fb