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I'm a writer of books for teens with a political columnist alter ego (@realsaramerica). Loves kids, dogs, dark chocolate, quirky humor & caffeinated beverages.

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"Writers tend to get ideas from confluence"

Neil Degrasse Tyson: the good thing about science is that it's true even if you don't believe ir

Have you played Evolution? My BF downloaded it onto my iPad I I've been trying to figure it out w no success

I drank this pink margarita just for because she couldn't be at the #sohoteenlaunchparty #wemissedyou !!!

Omg plays drums too?! Is there ANYTHING this woman cannot do?! #sohoteenlaunchparty #libbaisSuperWoman

#Greenwich HS teachers & students: Call for entries for this year's Defining Diversity Writing Contest.

. Evil Furby HQ...either plotting their Domination of Humankind or to kill me while I work. #evilfurbies

BF's mother joked she was going to get me one for Hanukkah bc she knows abt my Furbiphobia. Sent her this:

Benny & Roxy are #grateful for turkey!!

NOW I know how to distract myself from the P & Z stuff that's stressing me out! *tunes air guitar*

#CosCob Families Fighting for Residential Rights OPEN MEETING Tuesday November 20th at #Cos Cob Firehouse 7pm

Holy crap! Dogs freaking out & look what leapt over fence into our yard in #coscob !! #fb

"If you don't like it -leave #CosCob. What neighborhood???" #Greenwich Reform synagogue supporter Jennifer Kutai #fb

"If you don't like it - leave #CosCob. What neighborhood???" #Greenwich Reform supporter Jennifer Kutai to neighbors

Benny post clippy. He needs my cardigan to keep him warm. #fb

Benny is getting a clippy today. Here's the before shot #fb

So I got a cool Henna Tattoo at this Bar Mitzvah #fb

Cue *Jaws theme*

So...apparently we are following JAWS to the Bar Mitzvah we're going to #fb

Snow on the fence destroyed by #sandy (temporarily patched for dog retention)