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I'm a writer of books for teens with a political columnist alter ego (@realsaramerica). Loves kids, dogs, dark chocolate, quirky humor & caffeinated beverages.

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Reasons why Awesome Boyfriend is awesome #57896542566: he bought me this just because - #geeklove

Awesome! I can hang it next to this:

om Oh LOOK! This is MADE FOR YOU!!!

Benny is looking very 80s today #fb

Stop working!!!! he says

There is something on Benny's face doesn't belong... #fb

Daughter posted on FB 4 Mother's Day, & realized that I was making Jenna Marbles face YEARS before she was :)

Daughter posted this on FB for Mother's Day, & I realized that I was making Jenna Marbles face YEARS before she was :)

I'm surrounded by lazy lie abed dogs. #fb

I am working hard. My writing assistant? Not so much. #fb

Bought Benny a new toy with 18 squeekers in it. Any bets on how long it will take him & Roxy to desqueekify it? #fb

BF went to Tesla dlr in CA has been jonesing for Model S. Then he found out sound system does THIS & wants EVEN MOAR:

Now that it's affecting THEIR little darlings, #Greenwich parents finally waking up to SDE testing insanity #edreform

One more pic of the lights. Goodnight y'all. Thanks for a great show!

Thanks !

. #BRAVETHECOD !!!! (they can be scary and put you off your writing/revising)

Everyday I write the Book: Losers Lounge do Elvis Costello at #joespub

I am seriously thinking about it. This one looks just like Benny, doesn't it?

OMG, I am dying... #raptordog

yes! <3 my Benny was YoDog