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I grew up playing in a band called Nickel Creek and now am touring my debut solo record!

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Oh shoot! I had no idea!

Tonight's setlist

Tonights setlist

In Portland and alex Wong are just finnishing soundcheck. I love Missisippi Studios. Great venue. I go on at 8! Solo style...

The set list!

Right now, this is the best view in the world.

It's beautiful in Easton, Pansies are everywhere!

I think this is why they call it a hat day. Take THIS Tina Turner!

Just had the best oysters of my life so far in a terrific philly establishment called ...

I see you're expanding the empire.

At TED you get free Intelligentsia any time you want!!!

At TED Palm Springs recording w DonWas & John Doe in Lennon Bus

Yeah! Here I am!

This will be unveiled! And I will be behind it!?

With my stunt double, Tara!

Just played a couple songs w in SF. Super fun. Thanks guys!

Just ran through my songs again with the Shoe Band. Sounds so good! Next we rehearse songs with Garrison.'s just that there're so MANY natural flavors...

Working on a song with Buckley at my feet.

My practice audience has doubled! It's a rainy-day play date for them.

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