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Tech writer. Videographer. Gamer. CITY OF HEROES refugee and 'that chick who makes the videos.' I'm so smart, I'm stupid.

Photos and Videos by @Samuraiko

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A great shot of my Lore-Master, Raelskye Riftwalker, at the Seat of Seeing atop Amon Hen.

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This was the only sunset I ever wanted to see for #CityOfHeroes. #SaveCoH

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And of course, the sexy Slav herself, Sorina Tavarisch, returning to her #CityOfHeroes Vanguard roots.

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The irrepressible superheroine, Andrea Blake, celebrating her last moments in #CityOfHeroes.

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The last thing I saw in #CityOfHeroes. And I can't stop crying, it hurts so much...

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And at the end of it all... we few, we happy few, WE BEATERS OF BATTALION AND HAMIDON A**... (I was crying.)

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From Arcanaville's "Immortal Game" event on Beta... here we are with RuluWade, prepping to save the world...

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This was intended to be the cover for TCOSR II for #CityOfHeroes... I was ASTOUNDED when I saw the final result.

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Then there was the infamous "Oops" picture of Tava and Posi for #CityOfHeroes... I LOVED how this one came out.

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I've not had the $$ to commission as much #CityOfHeroes art as I'd liked but what I did get... Here's Tava & Posi.

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This just came to mind and wouldn't go away until I made it. I think it makes a statement. #SaveCoH #CityOfHeroes

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And here's Raelskye Riftwalker, my Lore Master, enjoying the evening from her doorstep.

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I chose this spot because of the view... Had to go thru a few neighborhoods to find one with this lot available!

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However, I do love that I have my own little house. Here is my characters' abode at 6 Long Street, Heathbourne.

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John got me started on Lord of the Rings Online (pretty but still like RIFT better). A nice shot, though!

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Last but not least, the moment of silence inside Freedom Corps HQ after the "Million Hero March". #SaveCoH

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And here's Jo taking everyone's picture inside Freedom Corps HQ on Virtue. #SaveCoH

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Another "Million Hero March" shot in Virtue's Galaxy City Echo with Galaxy Girl in the background... #SaveCoH

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