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ADD Extraordinaire. SEO, Online Marketing, Football... Oh look- a shiny penny! I also regularly wear my heart on my sleeve.

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Are these app listings new? Mind I don't do a lot of desktop searches for apps but just wondering!

  • 1791 days ago via site
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Only just noticed this one, thanks for knowing way too much about me Chrome! :)

  • 1971 days ago via site
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Nothing like a nice relaxing birthday at the office...

  • 1971 days ago via site
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Anyone else seeing the "new" promoted tweets icon? sat next to me and still got the old one...

  • 1978 days ago via site
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Have I been sleeping again or is this new? Never seen the time the photo was uploaded before in Google images

  • 1983 days ago via site
  • 112

Now, that is one of the most brilliant paid search campaigns I've seen in a while. (via )

  • 1985 days ago via site
  • 650

The danger of trying to do everything. Am I the only one seeing horrible results today? Thought GOOG fixed this

  • 1991 days ago via site
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When the flip flop did this happen? Google telling you what their ads are about (context wise)??

  • 1991 days ago via site
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Clever I suppose but seriously headhunters? A member of our team being headhunted via PPC

  • 1993 days ago via site
  • 367

Oooh! Looks like Google is playing with a new colour scheme for the nav, me likey!

  • 1994 days ago via site
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here's the UK situation. Am so upset.

  • 1995 days ago via site
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here's the UK situation. Am so upset.

  • 1995 days ago via site
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Seriously... WTF?

  • 2010 days ago via site
  • 1,059

Loving the new Klout badges - "Original Gangster" - caring too much about social presence for time.

  • 2025 days ago via site
  • 130

Holy shitballs, built me this custom Excel meme-player at the weekend.

  • 2028 days ago via site
  • 154

Lance Armstrong and team the latest to show how NOT to do reputation management. #fail

  • 2032 days ago via site
  • 145

Lovely Meta Description from the Google team :)

  • 2045 days ago via site
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"Pics or it didn't happen" of my snazzy Foursquare Ambassador business cards for

  • 2054 days ago via site
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In my first duty as a #4sq ambassador I thought I should show you guys this. Conversion killer.

  • 2054 days ago via site
  • 76

One thing I do like about the new Klout though is their little homage to the Fail Whale - Fail Snail.

  • 2060 days ago via site
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