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If I could have a beer with Jesus, heaven knows I'd sip it nice and slow.

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Off to Louisville!

Success with :)

Saddest thing ever.

#tweetyour69thpicture I don't even know how this got on my phone.

I just want a message like this. Precious.

R.I.P Caleb Andrew Capps. Gone but not forgotten.

All I want.

On a serious note..

#MentionADateYouWillNeverForget July 4th, 2011. R.I.P Cody.

Such good seats. #Bengals

You don't know what we've been through.. that girl's my best friend.

Finally met turtleman y'all.

This makes me happy.

Ya know.. just Kellie Picklers bus.

Which one should I turn in for my pageant? We can't decode.

Forget anything?

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