Whips, quips, swinging hips & sprezzatura. Living and longing in Bollywood. 'Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?'

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Simplicity and minimalism. In a film poster. I love how refreshingly different #Lootera is looking

About a bagel. And sexually assaulted biscuits. So much awww only.

When nerds get bored and there are way too many electronic devices around

Super cool Game of Thrones Season 3 ad in the New York Times. (via )

Gorgeous Theva jewelry is gorgeous! And the antique ones, even better #FamilyHeirlooms

Before Final Draft, they actually wrote film scripts long hand, in Urdu. Actual pages from Mother India & Razia Sultan

Didn't want to leave ever. (But had to because work :-/ )

Packing for the holiday trip. Confused. Ghalib inspired me to pack lightly and get in the holiday mood in a jiffy :D

I've sent my email with my suggestions. We all should do that instead of just outraging here.One email! #StopThisShame

The GOI is asking ppl's suggestions for measures to increase women's safety. Write to the Justice Verma committee. Now!

One more week to go! Mighty excited! Then again, aren't all AR Rahman fans ;)

One more week to go. Mighty excited! Then again, aren't all AR Rahman fans ;)

Everyone is going on abt weeping sitars. I just saw one in the studio that wasn't weeping. It needs to get on twitter!

"That's all we know." Love Google's sense of humor! :) #KeepCalmAndBreathe

And it's a wrap. Dress. Maybe. Next stop Shahpur Jat in Delhi for more customized weaves & embroideries. #FashionFilm

Besharam - ना सम्मान का मोह... ना अपमान का भय. This pretty much defines the attitude in 2013. Can't hardly wait!

Going thru my old footage from the 1st ever Fashion Week in 2000 when it was still LIFW. Miss those models #Nostalgia

Bought this on a whim. Best buy ever!Home smells amazing each evening when I return #NaturalRoomFreshner #NightJasmine

Lovely tie n dye fabric, fresh out the dyer's dryer. Laid out all ready to shoot. And then the stylist shrieks cos...

Look! They spelled 'Hottest' the way Gujjus (like Ms Patel) would actually pronounce it :p (pic via )

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