I have been charged with educating the youth of tomorrow. Isn't that a terrifying thought?

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yes it


Loyal fanbase is loyal

And then this happened

Good Morning Toronto. Pls to be not raining on me today? I kind of broke my umbrella.


it's passed now. Ended as I got there. Look!

I have no idea what I'll do with this later. Maybe I'll try to pawn it off on 's son?

made me think of Good News...and miss it!

Oh my god! What does he think I am??

My thoughts exactly, Desiree. #somedaysIwishIweremycats

Sooo elaborate!


If you don't have a tube burn at the end of the day you did it all wrong.

Evening swim? I think so


Large print: so you can't miss any of the 'inner goddess' tripe.

For all of my American friends today!

Why is it a Canadian pizza? Is this supposed to say something about us? I must have missed the memo

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