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Hi. I'm Sue, I'm a Leo, I like meat, Chicago, the movie Jurassic Park, and what else? Oh yeah, I'm the world's greatest apex predator.

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Little girl heard I was an apex predator "like a lion", so she held up her baby "like Simba in Lion King" for me.

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(As seen at a bus stop) "... and now I have your pin number, MU-HAHAHAHA!!!"

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Inside the Field Museum Whale Bus!

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Free Wallpaper!

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was fun. Made a couple of new friends. Tried to take bus back but APPARENTLY they don't let carnivores on board.

That was a tough interview. Headed out for breakfast now...Hope McDonald's serves triceratops in the morning.

Sue Hendrickson and I are at ! I love getting out of the Museum on a day like this.

Joan Allen has been nominated for 3 Oscars, but her greatest role was
narrating my new 3D Film!

Good News: RoboSUE is awesome and android version of me is
pants-wettingly scary. Bad News: I have to share an exhibit with some

No foolin', one of my fans just sent me a card for my big anniversary day! Yay! I love my fans!

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All done! Remember kids, a clean dino is a happy dino.

First time I've had a full stomach in 65 million years! Sweet ecstasy!

Um. Question: Is it normal to have your picture taken while getting a bath? I feel a little over-exposed.

Don't forget behind the ears! Wait... Do I have ears? TO THE PALEONTOLOGY LAB!

Don't forget behind the ears! Wait... Do I have ears? TO THE PALEOTOLOGY LAB!

Oooh yeah, that's the spot. Arthritis is a real beast after 65 million years.

Nice human! When I become queen of the zombie dinopocylpse, I shall devour you last...

You remembered my rubber ducky right? IT'S NOT BATHTIME WITHOUT RUBBER DUCKY!!!

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