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Wait a min... U can edit n clear playlists on the iphizzle now!!! #POW that is DOPE!

♬ 'Bulletproof (Feat. Yelawolf) [Prod. By J Rob]' - CyHi The Prynce ♪ [SHEEEEESSSHHHH! this shit KNOCKS!!!!]

♬ 'Cold As Ice [Prod. By KB]' - CyHi The Prynce ♪

Hands up! #POW

Karate time! Wit the lil dude!!  (check that split out.. Lol)

There he is! Lmao RT I saw some guys eating leaves

They got a big air skate ramp in times square! #POW

This guy is eating leaves rite now! WTF?

#POW Shout to the homie for the pin!

Y is there suddenly a Q in the corner or my homescreen? #NoReally ?

Well I know what she's gonna b when she gets older! Hahahahahaha

FYI: that's not a real baby.. Lmao y he carryin it around like it is?

Got em!!!!!!!!!!! #POW #SneakerHead

Can some1 explain this to me........

Now batting........

Check this ladys tee shirt at tee ball....... #POW

Look at that Mean Mug! Ha!


Wait there's a baby in there?? Hahahaha #ThingsISeeOnTheTrain

Today is my "Day off" so it's only right I hit em wit the Buellers! #POW #SneakerHead