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This Wednesday of National Zookeeper Week, we appreciate Kim Kropf, a Children's Zoo keeper at the Saint Louis Zoo. In this photo, Kim features various birds and helps them showcase their natural talents in an animal show. Shows are at 10 and 11 a.m., 1, 2 and 3 p.m. daily, with an additional show at 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. No shows on Wednesdays.

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This Tuesday of National Zookeeper Week, we appreciate Mandi Nordin, a bird keeper at the Saint Louis Zoo, who participated in the 5th Humboldt penguin health assessment from May 29-June 9 in Punta San Juan, Peru. She and her team collected samples from 51 penguins. Learn more about the Zoo's work in Peru:​itute/humboldtpenguinsinperu/.

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IT'S A GIRL! Asian elephant born June 24, 2011, at 1:13 p.m. More info:

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Friday's Pollinator of the Day: Eastern bumble bee.
One of the 10 species of bumble bees found in Missouri and the 50 found in North America. All are very important pollinators and are better than honey bees at pollinating crops like tomatoes, cranberries, and blueberries. Though the European honey bees have been getting a lot of press about their disappearance, many of our native bumble bees have been declining. One species, Franklin’s bumble bee, may be extinct. The last siting for Franklin’s Bumble bee was in 2006.

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Thursday's Pollinator of the Day: Wool carder bee.
The wool carder bee was accidentally introduced into North America from Europe. Males can often be seen hovering over flowers waiting for females to enter their territory. They are called wool carder bees by their habit of scraping the “hairs” off of the leaves of Lamb’s Ear to line their nests.

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Tuesday's Pollinator of the Day: Large carpenter bee (and skipper butterfly)
This is one of the largest bees in the Eastern U.S. It can often be found drilling into wood to build chambers in order to rear the next generation of carpenter bees. Though many people are concerned about the damage these bees may cause from their digging, rarely will one have enough of these important pollinators burrowing to cause structural damage.

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Monday's Pollinator of the Day: Virescent green metallic sweat bee
Pollinates: Wildflowers, flowering trees, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

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Look what just popped up from its den in Chain of Lakes! This 2.5-month-old North American river otter pup is being adoringly nurtured by its mother, Lilo. Photo by Rachael Macy, Zoological Manager of Carnivores.

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Need a lift? Hitch a ride to the Zoo on the Forest Park trolley! We call front seat!

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The African lion is king of the big cat poll, but only by a mane hair. This is Catali. Photo by James Irwin.

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Freeman the alpaca got a fibercut! Check out his new 'do!

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Meet Tembo, a 4-yr-old spotted hyena new to River's Edge!

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Somali wild asses engage in a friendly game of "Follow the Leader"

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This little piggy went to market... Go wee wee wee! all the way to the Zoo to visit our babirusas in Red Rocks.

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A third generation of the banded flower mantis has hatched at the Insectarium! Take a look at this little cutie pie.

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Your camouflage isn't THAT good, Tokar!

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Twice the stripes! Two Grevy's zebra foals, Asante (left) and Zuri (right) have made their debut outdoors in the Red Rocks area of the Zoo.

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This unusual, inquisitive bird is a red-legged seriema, which has eyelashes, sounds like a puppy yelping and can run up to 40mph!

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There are plenty of hands waving from the Zooline Railroad today!

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Last year, more than 2500 vehicles were involved in work zone crashes in the St. Louis area. The Saint Louis Zoo has partnered with MoDOT to focus on National Work Zone Safety Week, this week, April 4-8. Look for orange lights on the Zoo pylon at night!

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