Stem E. Berry


Founding member of the Orange Bowl's Prolific #WestEndZoneCrew. Love #TheU #craftbeer #homebrew #partisanhack VERY OPINIONATED

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  • Gallery's your game time window of temperatures. Damn I'm good.

Better forecasts from Miami? better source bill?

It's 52 degrees colder here in Charlotte than at the #CANES tailgate.

grass??? Frosty too I'm in the shade

Frosty car.


I just got these cans. really liked it!

Not ideal working conditions.

. Carolina blue skies.

you mean this? #flipside

west end zone!! Fred's hat on the left.

Shorts for today! I did good, right? #CANESFAM #beatFU

Still waiting on the prices to drop! Not spending that on a ticket for anything! Anyone bring a TV? #canesfam

Guess it's pool time

Feet pictures are stupid!!!

oh, the beer. Right! I think I'm good. Lol.

here's my day. About 65 degrees right now.

you mean this???

Wow. Is this new or am I late to the party? #Uknowit #sapp #playmaker #TheU

here's my contactor. It got a little fried.