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I've been Loki'd. I love Misha, Jensen, Jared, and Jason Aldean. I love Supernatural and my twitter bestie,✨@traceann24✨.

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This is my green for the day.

My lovely artwork. enjoy. Can you tell I'm back in school? Let the drawings commence!

Boom! $223 glasses. Exam plus glasses equals over 300 dollars. HOLY SHIT. But I can see better. So woo!

here's a drawing I finished but I was trying to think of what else to add.

Oops forgot the picture. RT : lol I just done this also:

lol read this. My lovely thingy that brings smiles to faces and laughter to children. (Total Sarcasm.)

you mean I didn't tweet this to you?

look at my dad bought for me. Lol it's so fuzzy.

woo. This picture is amazing.

Pandora Fail.

(: lol

My little sister just ran by me then sat down and pasted out. Dang! she bit the dust and fast!

Look what's trending!

we need to go here. Lmao!

I really think this is my favorite song. Either this or Fake It. Maybe both. :D #Seether

look what I drew! I wanna get it as a tattoo! :p

this is my profile pic: