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Coconut time

#su n

Not creepy

My mom is a teenager I swear.

I hate this town

Om nom nom


Not real life.

bad luck josh & friends. i can't stop laughing.

Well this doesn't look any better

If anyones wondering this is the same gas station that Katy perry video was shot at. 3 different accidents in 10min lol

The summer i got 6 million coins on temple run and have no use for them.

My bruise continues to grow. Also found petechiae on both hands. I am convinced I'm turning into some sort of superhero

How did I not realize I had this massive arm bruise until 5 minutes ago? What do I do in my sleep.

I'm lovin it

My moms gonna kick my butt for hanging in the fancy living room.

Mango go gone

If you're looking for the worlds most addictive candy

Walks into garage. Sees this. Gets super confused, then remember josh works at staples center. #LASparks