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I'm an Evil Regal! I'm just being me and that's enough. I read at every chance I get. I'm a big dork :) and I love being one :P

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a pic of #Team7 that is awesome in my Aunt and Uncles house.

an awesome print of #TheEvilQueen my Aunt and Uncle have in their grandkids room

an awesome print my Aunt and Uncle have in there grandkids room. #SnowWhite

Ha last tweet missing the pic. Here it is. Can't wait to watch the behind the scenes footage and audio commentary #OUAT

Birthday boy. I love Nate!!

Lilly and me. I love her so much. Its only once a month I get to see her <3

Madi is very attached to me today. Wont let go of my arm. #Love

Won it out of the crane game for Ale-Bean, frist try :P I love that game. I'm good at it lol.

The birthday girl!! I love Ale-Bean!

Me and Evelyn match today =D

First EVER skull I've drawn. What do you all think?

Dropped my card in my car and I pulled this up with it when I found it =D have a great day everyone

Evelyn is getting so big!! #LoveBeingAnAunt

My puzzle pieces for ppl in my past, present, and future on my left wrist and the double infinity symbol on my right wrist. #NewInk :)

You know you work with a bunch of big kids when this gets brought to work. #WeNeverWannaGrowUp


New hair. Lovin it.#EvilRegal

Finally got my hair how I want it. Took me 10mins to cut it lol.

Can't wait till they are real :D

He's licking my face lol

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