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STJ Alum. Founder of an Empire [PRC]. I'd like to get a pet pig someday. #Mets #Jets #Heat Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

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People really hate LeBron like that? Lol #NBA2K14

teasing me with these notifications.

I'm clearly been spammed.

Shouts to #Apple for making a happy camper with the new update. cc:

Damn people really salty about and

Jennifer Lawrence is bad or nah?

I wonder if Made In America is canceling today's show... #EZoo

Getting pumped for #EZoo5 with set from Last Years' EZoo!

Saturday I will clearly be camping at Main Stage West. A Track & Bingo Players are possible backups.

yup! Well, I don't know about the head band part, lol. That's how my 4pm - 9:30 is looking.

Miley, please stop.

Shouts to AP for keeping me in he loop with BGC. Apparently there's a new season. Lol #ThugLife

This new word "THOT" can't be real. I'm dying when used in a sentence! Lmao!!

What I'm doing at work. #MaaaTheMeatloaf

Alesso. #Departures #Ibiza Pic taken by I NEED TO FUCKING GO!

Damn, this shot of & looks like a SHM 2.0 Version. #Tough

Now why would you just waste a meal like that?

Well, this is awkward...