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Baseball Tonight is here in St. Louis! #BBTN. Here's the Bob Gibson statue outside Busch Stadium.

Front of Busch Stadium tonight. Dinner with at Mike Shannon's, where we met Mike Shannon.

Baseball Tonight Cavalcade making its way into St. Louis! First visit: Stan The Man statue outside Busch Stadium!

Baseball Tonight on at 12:30 am eastern on ESPN2. #BBTN. Here's the view in studio from behind the set.

#BBTN cast behind the scenes getting ready to discuss NLCS Game 5 on SportsCenter.

The view from the SportsCenter side set!

Watching #Yankees #Tigers finish in SportsCenter studio!

Here's the view from the SportsCenter side set!

Here's the view from the Baseball Tonight set. #BBTN.

Here's steam cleaning 's shirt before tonight's show. He's the Felix Unger of #BBTN.

A picture of the original poem read on the field by Jack Buck following 9/11. Mr. Buck signed his poem for .

Here's gloating. He called the Adrian Gonzalez HR the pitch before he hit it. Scary.

Here's a photo of the original poem read by Jack Buck following 9/11. It's signed by Mr. Buck for .

It's prepping for Baseball Tonight on ESPN2.

Proof that is NOT a vampire, virtual or otherwise!

The view behind home plate at #Rangers Ballpark.

Here's #Rangers Ballpark from across our #BBTN set. We're live at 7pm eastern for #Angels game tonight!

If you lost power with Irene, C'mon down to Dallas and watch Jerry Jones' big TV!

Here's another look inside #Cowboys Stadium here in Arlington. Never seen anything like this!

Just took a tour of #Cowboys Stadium with Barry Larkin here on Arlington. Amazing! Wow!