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#AQ3D Twilly's staff. I wanted to do something easy to start off the week. Doing Seppy's Blade next.

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#AQ3D accidentally put at instead of hashtag. Called Tsunami's Gift. Textures are included to everything. Enjoy!

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#AQ3D Here is the basic sword.

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#AQ3D Haven't posted a 3D in a long time. I know there are places that need improvement, but that's what practice is for. I tried making everything one mesh but the antlers are the only thing disconnected. Feet need more work on, lol something about feet that I don't like. Also will not do textures lol. It will definitely make it look better but I'll learn to unwrap another time. Thanks for reading!

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DRAGON!!!!! lol this is just a quick sketch in class. its ok in my opinion.

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Paragon Adventures week 12! Continuation of this week will be in next week's! Enjoy!

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Uploaded to 800x600 pixels! Good luck to everyone! And no stealing please! Thanks!
Used 0.5 size mechanical pencil along with sharpie small point to outline, followed up with some good ol' colored pencils.

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WIP on the art contest for AE! Inked! Going to start coloring this weekend! Also making a second picture so yay!

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Paragon Adventures week 11! This is for all of you who recently had Prom at their school!

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Yo take a good look at my contest picture! Kinda hard to see for comps like mine but whatever. Almost done! No stealing please!

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Artwork for contest. Sorry it's hard to see but once it's inked you'll see it. Wish me luck! Will color it.

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Sword I drew. I don't know what to call it though :/ I'll eventually send it later to the forums.

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Just messing around in class. Please do not focus on how poorly it is drawn, but the creativity. Thanks!

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Was working on this but decided I'll finish it later. :/ expect it to be awesome in the future!

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Paragon Adventures #10!!! Is this going to be the most epic fight ever?!?!?!

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#AQ3D didn't focus on coloring because it would be textured. So I just chose random color. Enjoy :D

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Paragon Adventures #9!!! This one is going to have a continuation on the next comic. Enjoy! :D

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Calling this armor: Asclepyus... The Beast Slayer. I enjoyed drawing this so I hope you do to.

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New Paragon Adventures week 8!!! Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday dude! Hope you like the drawing!

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