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Not the cover page of the manga/comic but the first page. This definitely leaves me a lot of room to create a story around. Also sorry that it's kinda hard to see. Enjoy!

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So made this character and decided I'm going to make a manga/comic with this dude. You will notice the obvious transformation and I hope I can continue this. Enjoy! This character still needs a name btw! Suggestions welcome :)

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I know this isn't amazing but it was just to fill my hours of boredom. I still need to work on my hands/feet/faces, but I like the concept. You will notice smear marks too. (Hint: Do not erase pencil marks until pen/ink marks have completely dried!!!!!) Enjoy!

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W.I.P. of one of the coolest armors in aqw imo. Enjoy!

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Sorry for posting this so late but congratulations!!!

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Just a sketch in class. Tried to add detail but it felt like a tried to hard. I was also going for a Gears Of War kinda sketch so I think I didn't do as well as I could. Must learn from your mistakes in order to keep moving forward.

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Original from http://twitpic.com/akqyot . It took me a while (due to school) and I thought it turned out pretty cool. If you guys want to see more variations of the colors just let me know! Enjoy! :D

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W.I.P. This is my very first, serious attempt, at coloring a picture with a computer program. :) I hope you are ok with the colors. All I have mainly done with this are the highlights and filling in.

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Hooray for preview of you wedding pic! I am also doing one for but you know... ladies first. :) I hope you guys enjoy this!

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#AQ3D Here is the 800x600 image. While I was on photoshop resizing my image, I decided to also color it. Again it's a rough sketch so yeah enjoy!!!

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Monster for #AQ3D It's just a rough sketch, I didn't feel like cleaning it up because I didn't feel like it. :P

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I laughed out loud when I saw this... yes it was funny, no I'm not telling you who it is.

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Proof of my dominance in #OVERSOUL No one cannot end my winning streak... not yet MUAHAHAHA

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#AQ3D Done with my Keyblade. I'm calling it, Heaven's Shadow. Both a light and dark keyblade, synched in harmony and destruction. I had a lot of fun making this one, enjoy! :D

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#AQ3D Personal Keyblade still needs a name, color, and textures. If you think that this Keyblade's handle/structure is not the same as the others... then you need to start broadening your point of view, not all Keyblades are the same.

But to be honest, I really like how this is turning out. Kingdom Hearts has influenced me throughout my years and always will. I am going to finish this within the week so stick around!

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#AQ3D W.I.P Shoutout to because he sometimes saves the day. Ok so back to the picture, decided to have a nice design. handle still needs work, wep still needs textures/colors. Stuff here and stuff there.

Btw, and aren't the only ones who can make coolio Keyblades. Another btw, I don't know if there is a blade similar to this from BBS or DDD. I never played BBS or DDS so don't be mad please. Thanks!

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Here is the Legion Tribal Enforcer. Since Nugs is getting help, I thought I want to help out to. Enjoy!

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I know it's messy but 1 day 1 picture is very time crunching for me. Enjoy!

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Dage said he was in search of champions, so I decided to enter the tournament. Wish me luck!

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#AQ3D Sepulchure's Blade. Took me a while but it's finished! Decided to do something new with the glow of the eyes. Enjoy!

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