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Dragon Nest: Cat?

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Finished Syndra (from League of Legends) Head Dress. Now onward to the other parts!

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WIP of self-design for Syndra's Head Dress. Enjoy!!! :D

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3D Map/Level with an Asian Spin to it :D

  • 284 days ago via site
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Name: Chained Secrets
Now to work on another project...

  • 332 days ago via site
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Finally finished him!!! I HATE DOING FEET! But I am actually happy about the finished product. Tried this one a different way instead of using Sculpt Mode. Enjoy!!!

  • 380 days ago via site
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Needs a name! Hope you guys enjoy :D

  • 391 days ago via site
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Needs a name, color, and texture :)

  • 392 days ago via site
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WIP. Still needs the basics like teeth, eyes, etc. Enjoy! :D

  • 421 days ago via site
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A young warrior born in flames, fights in flames, and will eventually... die in flames.

Ashes to ashes, a new warrior is born from the ashes of the previous generation. He will take on the role as one of the protectors of mankind against the dragon race. Born with both a duty and a burden to never have a normal life, a normal family. As this generation's fire dragon slayer walks away from the battle, all he can look forward to is the next fight.

Dust to Dust, the winds sweep away the memories of the past leaving only scars and burns to remember. "When will this conflict end?" he says to himself, "When will the future hold no more dangers?" *Takes a deep breath* "Until then, in order for the hope of future fire dragon slayers to live a normal life, I will fight this fire... with fire."

-Legion Of War- #DragonSCS

P.S. I hope you enjoy the drawing and the story. You might not have wanted things to happen in the past and in the present. But look towards the future, in hopes of fulfilling your dreams.

  • 451 days ago via site
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Scythe I will be turning into 3D :D

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Hi there. Sorry for not posting pictures in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Enjoy this WIP!!! :D

  • 475 days ago via site
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Firefall Beta

  • 554 days ago via site
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Haha sorry I have not uploaded a picture in a while. But I am just so sad that SAO has recently ended ;3; Going to color this when laziness clears away XD enjoy! :D

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Hooray for a new 3D pic post! :D This was supposed to be for Art Institute poster contest but since I'm not planning on going there anymore, I've decided to show you guys :) I could have definitely added more, but laziness got the better of me XP also the poster needed to say, "You Can Create Tomorrow." Well enjoy!

  • 640 days ago via site
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Haven't done 3D in a while so I thought I would post one for you guys. No textures added to this, ok set of colors, and not a bad concept in my idea. Enjoy!

  • 651 days ago via site
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Collage of previous artworks I have done with pencil and paper.

  • 653 days ago via site
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Not the cover page of the manga/comic but the first page. This definitely leaves me a lot of room to create a story around. Also sorry that it's kinda hard to see. Enjoy!

  • 655 days ago via site
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So made this character and decided I'm going to make a manga/comic with this dude. You will notice the obvious transformation and I hope I can continue this. Enjoy! This character still needs a name btw! Suggestions welcome :)

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I know this isn't amazing but it was just to fill my hours of boredom. I still need to work on my hands/feet/faces, but I like the concept. You will notice smear marks too. (Hint: Do not erase pencil marks until pen/ink marks have completely dried!!!!!) Enjoy!

  • 655 days ago via site
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