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Authors of food & wine matching cookbook - In Search of the Perfect Partner (The Food & Wine Matching Formula). Demystifying wine matching for the everyday cook

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...and finally this sensational tiramisu w cab shiraz liqueor...omg goodness of goodness.

...slow cooked.lamb and margaret river merlot...to die for...

...and this green papaya salad with pinot gris nom nom...

Amazing lunch, good peopele, great winr, sensational food.

Hey just had your bombdiggity liqueur with Ryn's Tiramisu. Freaking amazing!

Good morning sunshine!

Menu quiz time - you have a glass of Pinot Noir, now what would you choose to eat?

Hey great 2 meet u 2! Loved th carrot pancakes & beetroot cured salmon. Freaking sensational breakfast menu!

Hello vinaceous 'red right hand'

Yay! Thai beef salad served in bamboo boats w forks (voila) Lamb cutlets w mint/garlic yoghurt

Very interesting quiz on alcohol consumption from this weekend's Australian Magazine...

Saturday night on the deck. Drinking Arneis. So good. Anyone else tried this variety?

Beer plus dumplings = #perfectpartners

Oh yea? And this is my crispy fried chicken after Cordie ate half! Pfft - R #loooveyou

Ryn stealing MY honey glazed BBQ pork! Harumph - C

Inspired by Anthony Bordain, can u guess where we landed for lunch?

and this pic is for u coz we know u like cute things...bet u thought it was a boy! ;)

okay, packaging up the other half of this one now.


Hey and this is for u lovelies #roserev

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