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Speaking of ciders I didn't even know this was going on here today xD

You mean the F700? I hope they put it in production

I got some of that cilantro-jalapeño hummus w/ sesame thins B-)

Its the first Mulsanne I've seen in person. Plate frames said Ron Tonkin

Just saw this Bentley Mulsanne in the Pearl District for a wedding. Big car.

And a third view. Its a BMW 3.0CS to be specific.

Rear view of the BMW. British racing green. This model isn't very common.

BMW 3.0 Coupe I just saw in the Zupan's parking lot. Excellent condition too.

Aaaand a side view. The car was parked outside Saucebox on SW Broadway.

Rear quarter view. Needs repainting but it'd be worth it its a classic.

Neat old Porsche 912. I wonder what year? I couldn't find a taillight mark.

Just saw a gorgeous 1965 Porsche 356 C at the gas station next to my place. B-)

Super Mario knitting! xD

Aaaah they're on a date. I forget what its like. So looong agooo & so far awaaay

Ooooh my gawd! Ermagerd

The color was a dark blue-purple. Is that indigo technically?

Chrome badge on the trunk. Love the dramatic 'V'. :D

Rear view. Seems like most E-Type V12s were automatics. This one's stick-shift!

1972 Jaguar E-Type V12 I just saw parked in NW Portland. Definitely garaged car

How traditional are we talking here? ^_~ Should I take a slave?