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Guinness bubbles float downward. o.o;;

Here it is! Note the collapsible canopy on the sidecar xD


Super fancy! #UnicornMotel

Mashed potato snowman in the New Seasons Market deli case!

Hot guy at Blue Moon. o.0 Big arms chisled torso cute face... good lord

It is indeed snowing in Eugene. My friend there adds 'like crazy!'

Cute guy on the bus I want your shoes. o_-

Case in point. #LawrenceOfArabia

Seriously? Has no one there seen this movie? This needed a description.

No babies no garbage!

Do you read the Mutts comic strip?

I'm winetasting in Albany! Pinots Pinot Rose Pinot Port etc

Thomas the footman is into the gorgeous visitor from Turkey. #DowntonAbbey

I want to live in the Downton Abbey house. #Victorian #Mansion

-Love- the Downton Abbey house. Are interior shots the actual house's interior?

He has cute shoes too. o.-

The divider Maybach offers w/ the 62 is fully retractable makes more sense.

Close-up of the funky little window you open to talk to the driver.