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I draw a comic book called INVINCIBLE for IMAGE comics. Yep, people still make comics.

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Very funny you dork who unscrewed the red chili lid.

3D drawing pad!!! AMAZING!!! #notevenalittleamazing

Oooo, Haunt HC1 turned out NICE!

Ok artists! At a comicon and wish you could scan your sketch?! Get a portable scanner!

INVINCIBLE Compendium is one FAT nice looking book! Get it for your Mom today!

Sofa king awesome car!

Aaaaand another tat. #SdcC

Cool tat! #SDCC

Conan gonna kill you. #SDCC

Doodle venom. #SDcC

Uh oh, Invincible saved Gwen Stacy. #SDCC

Awwwww. Luvs. #SDCC

Inv vs Wolvie. I don't think I showed this one. #SDCC

Sketch. Invincible VS Wolfman! SDCC.

commission from SDCC. Walking dead bums out Invincible...in space.

Ohhh man, and then Viltrumites showed up!

Invincible showed up!

Cool. Just my copies. This issue comes out next week!

Don't think I posted this doodle.

I will try to resist.