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New T-shirts. They're glittery.

Saturday if roller derby day

This guy loves his fonts

Helen of. HAHAHA

Aw cool! ELF is in this episode!!

Chinese knock off of Robocop. Maybe that bootleg feel will improve it.

Everything is completely worthless unless you can watch telly on it

It's a handy size. I can get some reading done with this

Mental #SaturdayNight

how many of these lollies do you need?

You fancy all of them. Aye even the boys.

It's heartbreaking because you can clearly see he knows it. He's barely speaking. His heart has SUNK

Help yourselves, lads.

There she is. About to throw money away like it's nothing.

Geez a tune. Play that thing, Richie.

Scottish games journalism.

That's Alex Salmond over there behind the plant. Hope he doesn't want to chat. I'm busy

That's me next gen now.