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Edinburgh you said

Spanish version

What I did right, what I did, because I've had far too much coffee, what I did was, I bought this enormous coffee

Sitting with these mad chatty guys. Peak time fares mean less people. But not much less.

I don't know atm :(

This detailed explanation + joke is a good example why Dark Souls 2 is the weakest in the series.

Oot ma fucking mind on Barries Red Cola

Riker really will shag anything that moves

what's on right now

When's your mum's birthday? This sums her right up

I was here before any of these pricks to get the Glasgow bus. Cunts aw pushing and shoving to get on. Help yoursel.

how the fuck did she end up wi' that?

These two Americans are in deep, deep conversation about writing an email. AMERICA. The Most Important Thing That's Ever Happened

Wanky coffee shop. WIT YEEZ AW STAREN IT ME FUR?

In Edinburgh. This wanky idea was great right up until they had to change the batteries.

I'm pretty sure it's her

Fuck it. I'm having a wine

Bit of pickle on my shoe. The last fucking straw

Anyone know if this is THE Kimi Cowie-McCash? Dunno if this is legit

Bout number 2. CAM ON SKATEFAST