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'You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life' ― Salvador Dalí

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Look what I found in my pocket, eh. #Canada #Money

Before u were on the news at my lunch break and now in the store window by my evening walk .

Go on Lampy :) #ChelseaFC #premierleague #soccer #sports

Thanks!! #GivesYouWings

am on lunch from NBC now, shooting 30 Rock. And here u are too, on TV at the pizza place...

Right on time. Was feeling somewhat sleepy, but then FedEx came by. 'Cast Away'-style.. ..

After hours & hours of bookkeeping... I still want to work as crew on production of 's Mad Men

Dullest Royal Anecdote by a former British Prime Minister | Craig Brown - columnist of the year. #uk

Catching up on the news, Daily Mail #uk #Britain #Geldof

Exposure fail w #bungalowbar Surfrider, BarefootWine #BeachRescue good to meet u though

Red Bulletin, September Issue #Redbull swag... #photography wild story.

Studio management in a nutshell

Received a brief email about NOAH this morning. (Directed by Darren Aronofsky.) Fingers crossed.....

. collage like. I got the August 2012 issue of The Red Bulletin in the mail couple days ago


B in the day I studied the 'seven easy pieces' n' did basic tailoring for clients in London, too.eek

'I cover the waterfront' ...sunny out fishing, not me though, got me news magazines to catch up on !

Better light. Accidentally scouted some film locations today like.

#TwinPeaks 'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer' - I saw it & bought it without hesitation

Swedish filmmaker #Director Daniel Espinosa 1st English-language feature. Starring Denzel, Reynolds.

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