Fear Allah (swt) and you will have no cause to fear anyone ~ Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (as)

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Psychologists say #Deep

Fifty passes away and now Sean has arthritis :(

7 facts in this world

Karbala #Beautiful

Exploiting children #WTH

#Beautiful Ayatuallah Khamenei

Dua being recited outside the Pakistan embassy in London #Beautiful

Inshallah if you can, come join the protest outside the Pakistan embassy #London

Pakistan #Quetta sit in protest

Quetta #Pakistan :(

This dude walks like a horse <3

Fifty's ashes have arrived :( #MissMySoldier

Ayatuallah Khamenei #TooCute

:( </3

Lol #Deep

I want his big head back #IMissHim so adorable </3

His little lifeless body :( He will be missed #MySoldier

My boy Fifty has passed away </3

I feel so bad for having to leave his little puppy face today. It ain't easy to see him cry

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