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Mine is a story of belonging,gratitude,enjoyment and seeing the bigger picture. Happy to be here and I'm living the dream. Heavy wknd tweeter! Beware! lol

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Now lying on the grass with my mate stella
& guess who popped by but old Super Moon! Impressive fella! Size everything?

Well me & Stella are reunited!
Sorry I was late but it was an amazing game! You want to hear about?
No - just drink me!

Last time down the players tunnel for Stephen Jones!
Thank you & Good luck!

Will these 3 look as fresh after 5hrs cycling #PYS?
team have already cycled from Newcastle! #help4heroes

ready for the off in Brecon!
Down in 3pm!

all well inland in Brecon - bit fresh but lovely!
Hot later guaranteed game!

Do we think dipping my big toe in is a good idea?
Can't be that cold?
Can't it?

I can see light at the end of this tunnel in Brecon! Lol

Hello Brecon!
All set up tidy!
It's now Coors o'clock!
Bring it on!

The other option is to cwtch up on the floor with the old dog Llew!
More room! Lol

The land of nod awaits! How am I gonna get up the stairs?
Maybe I just ask my dog to move over! Lol

no! My hands & feet are killing me!! Lol

A special thank you to my family & friends & & the Drefach Massive for their help!

Hello Crabbies nice too see you!!! (& Bach my dog!!)
Don't think I will be able to stand tomorrow! Lol

Home after picking up my remaining signs! Hope I get my others back tomorrow at the count!!

Collecting my signs up & guess what?? Another one chucked in the ditch!!
Thank you!
#signgate continues!!

The sign is on it's way down!
All done!
15hrs campaigning!
Thank you to everyone who came out to vote!

Yaz joined the drefach massive! First vote in her dressing gown!

Yummys take away deliver to Drefach square!
My father inlaw has joined Drefach massive! Just so he can have a chip!

Digging in last hour! The Drefach masive keeping me company for the last hour!