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So this is my one stitch. Enjoy the grossness.


I think the walk tired Major out.

The nephew's bag. He better like it, the jerk.

OT! Are you excited, Major?

Second intermission. Major is still sleeping in the same position. I know the feeling.

You may look at this and wonder "Does Major spend most of his life asleep?" The answer is yes. Yes, he does.

Second intermission, second pic of Major. I don't know how this is comfortable.

First intermission, first pic of Major tonight. He wouldn't even look up, the slacker.

Second intermission. Major's really excited, you guys.

First intermission, first pic of Major. It's his impression of the Blackhawks' play in the first period.

This dog always looks like he's about to give up on life when he lays on the floor.

Second intermission, second Major pic. This is after he ripped a nasty fart in the kitchen and walked away. Ass.

First intermission. Major has found the air vent next to his bed.

First intermission. Major has found the air vent near his need.

Okay, maybe a little more than a foot, BUT STILL.

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

Scans will be coming soon, but this needed to be seen now.

Okay, so saying Major had mastered sleeping on his cushion might have been a bit premature.

My dog finally has this "laying on his cushion" thing down.