Digital Artist and Animator. I make Backflipping dolphins with machine guns (Jetpack included). I LOVE #RWBY

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Minotaur Designs

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Progress. I know, it's ugly

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Practicing using Sai. I'm really looking forward at coloring

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Making Alibaba's dagger

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If Eros and Ecran were more serious

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After finding this at my cabinet, I realized how rich am I when I was younger. Yep, quite rich.

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Killed him but somehow glitched and healed again, and when i clicked charge up nothing happened anymore. So lucky.

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Teach me how to Birdy! Here's a fan art for you Rev :D
I kinda messed up the legs. I don't really know what it should look like, I drew it in school. And I lost my eraser :/

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Some characters I drew for my comic

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Elucidator <3

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First try.. Kill me

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A background for my comic. And i'm still bad at shading and doing grassy land (Its obviously not looking grass). I'm always looking forward on making backgrounds, But my always main reason is i'm lazy.. Should should i continue using gradients?

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So far, this is the dragon's head.. I'm posting this because i might not continue it because classes are resuming tomorrow :(

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Flashed! What 'chu think?

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He's Rodri!! Sorry for not using the original base, i want him to be a kid or something smaller than the original.. Veteran -> Master ... Element Lightning
Animations for Veteran:
Animations for Master:
*sorry if they're small, you can zoom in.

Le story:
Rodri's father was a hunter and her mother too, because surviving in Earth became tough.. One night, he's family go out for a hunt. they locked theyre house shutted to protect Rodri from monsters. He slept. The next day, Different Swords woke him up and they talk. They said he's inside Oblivion gateway. They were souls who died and possesed on the sword they used. Rodri can use them, and said the swords said "Our lives is all about revenge, don't you too? From now on Rodri thinks he's family is mysteriously murdered so he started hunting to survive until he got stronger and can wield different kinds of swords.

Sorry for the random and long story..
For and !! #oversoulcontest

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Here's a preview of my entry for the #oversoulcontest .. I figured i'll make the evolutions and make some attacks. what should be the element?

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Preview of my form in OS :>

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Jack Frost from #Oversoul for ! Merry Christmas!

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