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Well, they took out the part about the Final Fours. But they didn't catch the Awards section yet.

Dang. Somebody got to Bo Ryan's Wikipedia page already.

I am in Stepford. If I change my name to Glen and start selling insurance, it's been great knowing all of you.

This afternoon on : Here they come to save the dayyyyy ... #BadgerHateWeek

So we're just not using copy editors at all at the Journal Sentinel anymore, eh? #Yesl

I thought he looked like the Kindergoth from South Park.

Oh snap. My "Jerry Wainwright goes On the Road" series slipped my mind. I'm so sorry, everyone. #OlGilNeedsABigMan



Evie left her jumperoo long enough to say good luck, too.

Jack Attack says good luck with that being born thing, Baby B.


The other problem for Dot: you know this picture is coming out. Gotta tone it down, Dot.