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blow this one up and bring it too


Um. You should explain why OK City's arena only cost $89MM to build, lest you want to be bombarded by Comments.

MT : Brewers: Gomez CF, Disarray 2B, Braun RF, Ramirez 3B, Lucroy C, Davis LF, Overbay 1B, Segura SS

#ete RT : Drug abuse, unprofessionalism, bench clearing brawls--is this what you want your kids to admire?

. asked me to make this. I don't get what the reference is but I guess it's funny or whatever.

I mean, you make it seem like he's Melvin's surrogate like Super Dave was for George Sr.

There's still time, Mr. Cords. Let's make a memory.

But nothing beats Tom Crean Face Day

And also: we're contractually obligated to note that Michael Hunt can't read the standings, apparently.

. made me a Magnet Man magnet. My wife better than your wife.

At one point in his game recap, Michael Hunt spelled JaJuan Johnson's name as "JuJaun."

you sure it's not Omaha native and recent How I Met Your Mother guest star Andrew Rannels?

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