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That's the kind of phone battery life I like to see.

Behold, a miracle of Dionysius! The name of the beer appears divinely revealed by the Lord of the vine.

Nice of to send me a present all the way from NZ.

It was a loaf of bread if anyone was wondering.

2nd burrito in as many hours.

Did I mention I was starving?

Someone has to drink it....

A nice refreshing drink for the evening that's in it.

Ah... Google Now knows where my heart is, even when I have to be in the rebel county

It had to be done. I think I did ok. No major mishaps

And there's Dan Parks trying some of the Zebre supporters food after the match

At , and Zebre fans have brought bread, Parmesan cheese and Salami. Legends.

New sign in Galway. Apparently didn't make this up with...

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I gave in and bought last book in The Wheel Of Time. Against my own judgement but I may as well as I've read other 13

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There's something beautiful about the full moon on a very windy night as this picture fails to show...

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I really like how Beyondpod looks in tablet form on the Nexus 7.

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The Dragonborn has moved to Galway

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Good Christians beware!

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Even though the Galaxy SIII should drain a lot more power than my old android phones, it's battery life is much better

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